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At Salcare Home Health Services, Inc., we believe that the provision of the highest quality of services is crucial in promoting the health and recovery of consumers. Our decades of experience in the home health care industry have taught us that implementing a system that is adept to their needs makes it easier for families and individuals to manage and overcome different aspects of health concerns.

In the creation of care plans, we follow a systematic process that involves qualified professionals and clinicians to develop into the treatment plans. An assessment of consumer concerns is primarily done to identify the specific needs of consumers. We then coordinate for the approval and recommendation of your prescribing practitioner. Supervision and oversight of care plans are always led by a registered nurse.

Aside from carefully implementing treatment plans, we ensure that consumers are duly protected under Federal rules and regulations. We abide by the protection of the personal health information of each consumer.

For the added convenience of consumers, we offer computerized scheduling and billing in our transactions.

In addition, Salcare Home Health Services, Inc. extends its services in the following forms of arrangement:

  • Cluster Care

Cluster care allows a more efficient and timely delivery of services to numerous consumers who reside within the same vicinity.

  • Memory Care

Memory care involves gentle yet focused attention on the daily activities of individuals experiencing symptoms of cognitive impairment. They require a well-structured personalized care plan that will look into their daily needs.

  • End-of-Life Care

Our nurses and health aides are trained to provide hospice assistance in the homes of consumers. They provide care to ensure comfort and facilitates consumers receiving the best assistance during their end-of-life experiences.

  • Long-Term Care

The needs of consumers with complex or serious medical conditions vary. Long-term care is recommended to sustain their health and personal needs. We assist consumers and their families in designing a care plan that takes into consideration their lifestyle, family health history, and long-term health goals.

  • Short-Term Care, including care of the new mother and newborn

As a form of temporary medical aftercare, short-term care is essential for the rehabilitation or recovery of consumers who are recently hospitalized for illnesses, injuries, and other health-related conditions. We also offer short-term assistance for new mothers in taking care of their newborns.

  • Post-Operative and Rehabilitation Assistance

Rehabilitative assistance is a specialized form of care directed to the recovery of consumers who have undergone surgery. Rehab takes time and effort but it is essential in improving mobility, reducing pains, and strengthening the muscles.

  • Respite Care

We also offer a short-term replacement for family members who are in need of temporary assistance in caring for the consumer.

Services will be provided in your home for as little as 4 hours a day to 24 hours a day.

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Quality care is our top priority. Reach out to us when you need assistance from a nurse or a home health aide. You may call 212-997-4080.


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