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senior woman in bed being attended by her caregiver at home

The constant pursuit to preserve life and provide for it a new sense of understanding and fulfillment stands at the core of what we do at Salcare Home Health Services, Inc. As care providers, we advocate for the realization of these pursuits in the lives of our consumers.


Our mission is to be a quality leader in the provision of responsive, culturally-sensitive, and community-oriented home health services while promoting the right of consumers to make choices and decisions. We are also dedicated to the home health care education of the consumer, the consumer’s family, and the community.


Our philosophy is based on the notion that each home care consumer has sought our assistance and services for the improvement of his or her quality of life. By keeping this in mind, we strive to achieve positive outcomes by:

  • Maximizing potential consumer level of independence and well-being
  • Providing culturally sensitive home care services to the consumer by providing multilingual staff members to meet the diverse needs of the communities we service
  • Restoring, maintaining, and promoting consumer health with safety always in mind
  • Allowing the consumer to make decisions and choices about the provision of home health care services relative to their unique needs and according to the consumer’s personal beliefs and values
  • Encouraging the consumer to collaborate actively with the home health care provider regarding the provision of health care services
  • Involving the family in the consumer’s plan of care
  • Advising the consumer and family in community support services as needed
  • Serving as a resource to the consumer and consumer’s family and the community
  • Providing health care education for the consumer, the consumer’s family, and the community
  • Ensuring the consumer’s spiritual needs are met as they request
  • Assisting the terminally ill consumer with quality palliative care

The hope of attaining these goals is realized through the professional expertise of qualified personnel. The care we provide takes into account the necessary treatment but also the rights and psychological and spiritual needs of consumers.

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Quality care is our top priority. For inquiries you may contact us at 212-997-4080. You may also schedule an assessment today.


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